53 thoughts on “Robert Goss-Kennedy, MFA

  1. I just watched a video of a little girl telling a man to shut up because he was talking about Jesus on the streets of Salem. Im not religious but what she did was wrong. Im not religious but there’s a thing called freedom of speech. I hope you aren’t that girls parents because you guys should be completely embarrassed about this video and that girl should get the shit slapped out of her by the pastors daughter HAHAHAHAHA little cunt needs to shut the fuck up!

    • Ian –
      Yeah, not gonna call you Satan….

      So you decided the best way to show us that a small girl…one who is maybe 9 at most…is “wrong,” is to call her the C-word?

      Might I kindly suggest you reevaluate your own behavior and the manner in which you express yourself.

    • We have been warned of these fanatics. “And when you pray, do not be like the hypocrites, for they love to pray standing in the synagogues and on the street corners to be seen by others. Truly I tell you, they have received their reward in full. But when you pray, go into your room, close the door and pray to your Father, who is unseen. Then your Father, who sees what is done in secret, will reward you.” — Matthew 6:5 and 6:6

    • What she did seems to be well within the confines of her right to freedom of expression. He felt the need to blast his religion into peoples faces with a megaphone and she felt the need to tell him to shut up. Your answer is to use violence to shut the little cunt up. You may need to re-evaluate that hypocrisy of yours.

  2. Good morning Robert. What was your point with the little girl rudely yelling at the street preacher? Before you pass judgement, pun intended, I am NOT A BELIEVER. I just don’t understand the video. Even if it was this little girls idea, which I highly doubt, how could a parent allow this? It is wrong in so many ways and you are wrong for posting it. However, the positive that will come from it will be don’t put your kid in the spotlight spewing hate and/or doing your bidding because its “cute”. I guarantee you this will backfire!! And the religious right will say, what happened to tolerance? And they’re right! WE need to stop the BS and stick with the facts because their “facts” are silly

    • Rob –

      Well, it isn’t my kid for one. Nor did I arrange anything. As to the parents…no idea. None. Never met them. I was recording this guy preaching, and the kid came up and did her thing. She had been running around previously shouting and stuff, and that video will be out soon. You must understand that I am simply reporting what I saw. As to putting the kid in the spotlight…this was first distributed as pretty much a local interest video among friends. Then it went bigger. There were no machinations by me to do so.

  3. If that’s your rude ass little girl you should be ashamed of yourself. putting her up to that is just BAD PARENTING. You’re ignorant…. so don’t pass your ignorant ways on to your daughter… recording the incident is just corny and left a bad taste in EVERYONE’s mouth.

    • Suzanne –

      Why would I want to claim copyright on something I recorded? Because that is how it works.
      Keep in mind, this would normally be “throwaway,” footage for what I actually do. It was simply circulated at first among a group of friends as a bit of a laugh. “Pieholes are for closing!” You can’t make that stuff up. It then bounced to Reddit and I was offered cash for the distribution rights. As this footage was all of a sudden valuable, I went for it.

      I would also like to remind you of Plutarch’s famous warning – “Don’t kill the messenger.” I merely recorded what I saw. Any conclusions are wholly your own.

    • What a courageous little girl. I want to thank her trying to reach this nutcase. I can understand proselytizing. But there is a point when it becomes fanaticism. When a group or individual goes to far they just push potential believers away. We are in an era of extremist. Like the folks who carry semi-atomatic weapons to the grocery store. Things have gotten out of hand.

    • If this is your idea of the worst behaved child ever you may need to get out more. Stabbings, rape and murder. Just a few of the things one sees in the news. Then there’s the little boy in Turkey off to cut the heads off of infidels. Hows that for childhood behaviour?

  4. that little girl was so rude!!! where was the parents at? I do have to say that the little girl should be slapped repeatedly with that bible. LOL

  5. #1: The little girl was cute as hell!
    #2: The little girl was SPOT ON with what she was saying. The guy needed to shut his pie hole FOR SURE!
    #3: The little girl was hilarious!
    #4: I’m all for freedom of speech but spreading your ridiculous belief in such an outrageous fairytale through a very loud PA system? It’s just plain obnoxious! Most towns have ordinances regarding noise pollution and disturbing the peace!

    Hail to the great invisible lettuce head. Creator of the garden salad and protector of the carrots. May Santa Clause and the holy Tooth Fairy reign supreme here on Earth as in Heaven. With Catalina and 1000 Island for all. Amen!

    • Yep. freedom of speech is a two way proposition. This little girl had the courage speak out and condemn this fanatic with a microphone with an amplifier on a public street. He was there to protest the evil doings of Halloween. He is not welcome. He is there to disrupt. He was practicing a form of terrorism.

  6. Brother Robert; I implore you PLEASE remove the copyright notice you have on that video. The body of Christ is much bigger than ANY monetary gain you might get from keeping this video to yourself. Blessings; Pastor Steve -Arizona

    • Pastor Steve –

      I did some research, and the Bible is very quiet on the issue of copyright. I am also not sure what “sin” I have committed for merely recording an event that I had nothing to really do with. Although I will admit that the child may have been performing for the camera on her own volition, I never asked for her to do anything and in fact never even spoke to her and still have no idea who she is or who her parents are.

      I wonder, would you make the same statement if say KVOA recorded an identical event happening in Tucson and broadcast it?

      • Goodness Scotty. I believe it. I’m just as perplexed by your unbelief. To answer your question… how? Simple. They’ve seen the evidence you’ve seen and they draw a different conclusion.

  7. Completely staged and designed to hype a work of, umm, well, the elitists on the left might call it “art”, I call it a desparate attempt to earn a living without actually working…

    • Nope.
      Swing and a miss. Like I said, I do have the video to show it wasn’t staged. Although I guess you could claim it is staged no matter what if you wanted to. But rest assured, I did not stage it. And interestingly, it has nothing to do with the actual art project I am developing. If you go to http://robertgosskennedy.com/evangelical-belief-series/ you can see what I am aiming for. Her little tirade was wholly coincidental to my goals. In fact, at that point, and I am being very frank here, I was mostly shooting to work on my video skills. I am trained as a photographer, not a videographer. The difference between the two is quite striking. More than even I suspected. I have had to fumble my way through learning a new medium. A lot of the footage I took was basically practice with any good footage being a bit of a bonus.

  8. I never suspected you had anything to do with the girl. I think you would have done a better job coaching her! Anyway … I’m sorry for the kid. She’s already full of hate, anger, and bitterness. Bless her, and bless you in your endeavors. I’m glad someone paid you for it! =)

  9. That video triggered me pretty hard. I have a sweet little girl who loves Jesus and wants to help the poor and is a very loving child. I’m sure that child would be too if she knew Jesus. No matter how much snark about liberals and the left I want to say, that video just makes me very very sad. Cant wait to hug my little one and thank her for being a good kid.

    • No offense but, just because that little girl didn’t like hearing him preach so loudly on the street doesn’t mean she isn’t a loving child or a great kid. My whole family is non-religious and my daughter has always been an intelligent, thoughtful, sweet, loving human being. She also volunteers to help the needy. And she wouldn’t like hearing this guy preach on the street either. She’s almost grown so she probably wouldn’t tell him to shut his pie hole though. lol

      Great video! I suspect the little girl might have decided to play it up a bit for the camera. Still, it was hilarious!

    • It all starts at home. Personally I think she acted like a rude brat. No manners. If she didn’t want to hear it she should have kept walking. No respect. Its sad the world has come to this!!!
      I do believe and everyday there is mockery and laughing at christans. That’s ok….I feel very sorry for people who do not know or praise our God. With that being said. ..he loves all……The human part of me questions sometimes…How he could love so many rotten people?but he does!!÷

  10. OH MY!!! At first I thought it was a joke… a little girl would not be so brazen as to approach a grown man and yell at him the way she did. I think the parent’s probably put her up to it. Regardless, shows poorly on the little girl (if she was old enough to spew that crap, she’s old enough to know better) and shame on her parents….

  11. Checked out your project that you linked to. Neat concept, it’s probably going to be pretty entertaining! This video of the little girl is also amusing, but from what I understand this was just a random girl you were filming. As a result, people all over the internet are both calling her a brat, cunt, etc. and championing her as the hero of annoyed atheists everywhere.

    I don’t think she really deserves either! The poor girl was just being a kid! It doesn’t seem right to me to host content that demonizes a real, unknowing child. It paints her in an awful light in a very unfair way.

    I think you have every right to host this video, maybe even to sell it. But should you? Without having even spoken to this child’s parents? I look forward to your completed project, but please consider whether this semi-popular snippet is worth the trouble it will cause this little girl. Consider taking this video down.

    • John –
      Thanks for a very thoughtful post.

      Personally, I am torn on this one. As parent (again, not of this child,) I can understand your point. At the same time, there appears to be some evidence that at the mother have encouraged the child. I spent most of my time looking at a 3″ screen. I could have missed the mother and only looked for a parent after I shot the clip with her in it. She had been running around well before that. In which case I am not inclined to take it down.

  12. Hi.

    I’m not from the United States, but I am an atheist. I know it’s a rather contentious issue there, but really, is this the way to go about it?

    Just like forcing a child into religion can be argued wrong and indoctrination, encouraging a child to shout over the top of somebody is also wrong, and frankly you’re forcing her into a thought of your own without letting her consider what she believes in as she is so young. Even if your daughter is doing it out of her own volition – it’s rude shouting over the top and she should have been told to stop by you. Not because she’s necessarily wrong (there goes the whole debate about religion), but because it’s disrespectful and inappropriate to the one individual yelling over the top of somebody and mocking them. How on earth do you think this is having an impact on the religious climate?

    Frankly, the only thing it really is is irresponsible parenting. Impolite and to some extent indoctrination by teaching your daughter to shout over the top of the man, regardless of whether you told her to or not, out of her own volition or not, considering that she is so young.

    I can only imagine the people applauding it thinking it’s some sort of profound “schooling” or something. But in reality, there is no significance behind this. It’s just pathetic.

    Is there something I’m missing here, because really I don’t get this. Surely you don’t think this is something to be proud of in and of itself? Or are you really as dense as I think you are?

  13. I think you misunderstand me brother. By saying your Youtube is copy written, is severely limits when it can be played and under what circumstances it can be used. I see no need for you to have copy written it unless you are going to try and make money off it? Nothing wrong with that if that is your plan. In other words, if you remove the copy write we can play it at our church it would be played everywhere and it should be!. Your call, It is a modern version of Acts chapter 16 verses 16-19. Poor kid has no idea.

    • Pastor Steve –
      Actually, copyright was created the instant I hit the record button. It is by default created that way under US law. I merely am reminding people of this fact. And quite honestly, you and any other church are able to play it as you see fit with no recompense or permission from me. That is unless you start using it in ads or something similar. Then it becomes sticky. In fact, as the copyright holder I hear-by grant you permission to play this as many times as needed in your church as long as the context is for religious education and not advertising.

      There ya go. Have at it. And yes, that counts as legally binding.

      Who says “godless heathens” aren’t generous….

  14. Yes, both the preacher and the girl are exercising their freedom of speech. However, the preacher is calmly and respectfully presenting what he believes is the Good News of the Gospel, because he wants to help rescue people from hell; the girl on the other hand is simply an obnoxious screamer. Instead of engaging in a conversation–presenting a compelling counter argument, she is just behaving badly. My own husband is an atheist, who would be ashamed, if his own daughter acted this way.

  15. hmmmm….how can you simultaneously be aware of the “(appearance of) some evidence that at the mother have encouraged the child…” while at the same time “have no idea who the parents are…”

    Sounds kind of contradictory.

    Yes, I did read before posting.

    I also read [url=http://www.wickedlocal.com/article/2…News/311149373]this[url].

    No such fear, however, animates the Facebook group’s co-founder Robert Goss-Kennedy. Kennedy garnered much attention and a brief flutter of internet fame with his art installation “Argue With an Idiot,” which gave members of the public an opportunity to respond to street preachers at equal volume.

    “Being a big believer in free and equal speech, I like [level] playing fields,” Kennedy said. “By inviting passersby to directly confront the street preachers with a megaphone, not only are the tables turned on the street preachers, but a space for public discourse is created.”

    So…you were videoing other people you put up to yelling at this street preacher…but this little girl was just a coincidence…?

    • Jack –
      There is some timeline confusion here. AWAI ran on the 30th and 31st. With the 31st being the “big night,” for it. This video was taken on the 29th. I was talking to the preachers some and recording them. I also did this on the 28th. But there was no megaphone or sign. It was basically practicing my video skills at this point. I am fairly new to video and night shooting is difficult. It also requires constant manual focusing.
      Again, I am currently working on a video which will show what actually happened.

  16. Did it ever occur to you that now you have earned money from this video, thereby commercializing it, you could be sued by the street preacher or the parents of that bratty little BIT (bitch-in-training) because you didn’t obtain signed releases from them?

  17. I live in a state where these manic street preachers are common, so common they often bring their own children out there to preach along side them..
    Oh wait did I say preach, typically they condem and spew as hateful bigotry as their parents, ya know vile stuff passing judgement on everybody to young women persuing a college education, wanting a career and not wanting to be a second class citizen, gay people, inter racial couples (why that one always confused me, hidden racism I guess), what people wear, other ideologies and heaven forbid independent thought..

    For once it is a wonderful thing hear “A Young Girl” telling those kind of people to Shut Up!!
    Quit worring about the behavior of a child who is exercising what she thinks, be worried about adults imposing what they believe..

  18. If I am not mistaken, it seems to me that although the preacher is exercising his freedom of speech, most cities/towns have their own regulations to follow. We don’t know if the preacher obtained permission from the city to speak to this street corner congregation. I am a pastor’s wife and we have held many outreach gatherings in a similar fashion. We always have had to obtain permission and we are glad to do so. As far as the child is concerned, I feel her parent/guardian had to be close by or she would have been running the streets alone. I am alarmed at the nonchalant reaction to this encounter. I wonder what would have happened if it would have been 5:00 in the afternoon, and someone of another faith were kneeling on a rug facing East, would she have shouted at them to get up and shut up? If someone were yelling incantations, would she have objected? I have a personal opinion but I will keep it to myself. If we are going to tolerate one, we must tolerate all. As far as your taking the video and sharing it…you have a right. My parents taught me to never act out in such as way that you wouldn’t care for someone to put it on a large screen and show it. Yes, I’m sure I disappointed them a few times, but the difference is that I was TAUGHT how to act. This young lady needing some serious teaching. So sorry for going on about it…but thank you for listening.

  19. The First Amendment allows amusing confrontations between unlike-minded individuals without the threat of violence. America is so lucky with its Constitution and its Bill of Rights – one is tempted to think that providence is at work, but for the fact that many other countries do not have it. Both the adult and the child are exercising their rights. What a refreshing sight. I agree with the child. The adult is stuck in the middle age.

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